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ALARA Price List & Cancellation Policy

Posted: 21/06/2023

Updates have occurred to the ALARA Price List for Services delivered under the NDIS effective 1st July 2023.

Download your copy of the latest ALARA Price List, alternatively, you can access a copy from your Coordinator / Facilitator.


Updates have also been made to the ALARA Cancellation Policy, effective 5th May 2023 in relation to group cancellations for group / centre-based programs when the support is built at a ratio rate, e.g. one staff member to three clients. A full cancellation requires seven (7) days' notice.  

There are no changes for one-to-one support.

To read the full document you can download the full Policy - NDIS Service Cancellations

Please contact your Coordinator / Facilitator should you have any questions.