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Support in the Community

Community Participation and Skill Development

Need support to learn new skills, engage with your community or expand your network of friends?

ALARA will work with you to identify your strengths, interests and aspirations and to create a tailored service to suit your needs and individual funding arrangements. Support can be provided individually or ALARA can investigate shared support arrangements.

ALARA can support you to:

ALARA Community Spirit Volunteering Initiative

ALARA works closely with other community groups in the Ipswich, Lockyer and Somerset areas to create new opportunities for people with a disability to the involved in the life of their community and make their own unique contribution.

Many local organisations rely on committed volunteers. ALARA can assist you to identify a suitable volunteer role that matches your interests, availability and skills and provide the necessary support to make the arrangement a success.

As part of the Community Spirit initiative ALARA service participants are currently volunteering their time in a range of different ways.

Here are just a few: