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Our Story

AspirationsOn 4th June 1991, a public forum was attended by over 100 people in Ipswich with an aim to address the urgent need for respite care for people with a disability and their families. As a result of this meeting a Respite Care Services Inc. was formed.

In November 1993, Respite Care Services Inc. sponsored the formation of a new service Ipswich Region Accommodation Service (IRAS). In the late 1990’s these organisations merged to enable local families to have access to greater flexibility and responsiveness to their needs.

The organisation continued to grow and diversify and in 2000 was renamed ALARA Association Inc. The name ALARA is an acronym derived from the words Access, Lifestyle support, Accommodation support, Respite care and Activities.

In 2013, ALARA made the transition to company limited by guarantee becoming ALARA QLD Limited.

ALARA’s purpose is to provide a range of support services that are individualised and responsive to the needs of people with a disability and their families.

Today ALARA provides services annually for over 600 children and adults with a disability in the Ipswich, Somerset and Lockyer regions. The organisation has a committed team of over 150 staff and a large number of volunteers.